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In Person BQBC Events

People always ask us, "what makes BQBC unique?" That's an easy question because for starters, we are the first and ONLY Beam Bootcamp in the world. Since we're only focused on beam, we're able to provide gymnasts with rotations that they wouldn't normally receive at their regular practice like confidence training, working with a judge, and hearing our staff's beam stories of how they overcame their biggest obstacle on the event. Not to mention, this event is run by Olympian, Samantha Peszek, who hires all her "cool friends" that happen to be Olympians, NCAA Champions, All-Americans, NCAA coaches, choreographers, etc. Her elite staff makes this event one of a kind, as they bring energy, inspiration, and encouragement to every location!

Although each BQBC is slightly different, the events are typically two days and four hours each day. We focus on skills, drills, choreography, dance, and judging. The underlying theme of our event is confidence, as we feel this is the most important ingredient for a great beam worker. We will also teach the gymnasts the Triple Threat, which are the three rules for staying on beam!

The gymnasts will receive a complimentary BQBC journal and pen, so they can carry it with them throughout the weekend. We have awards at the end of the Bootcamp and gift each gymnast a certificate as a badge of honor for attending. We encourage gymnasts to stay connected to the BQBC community through social media after the event as we LOVE to follow their progress and be their biggest supporters! We're very proud that our BQBC family keeps growing as we've been to 18 states and have worked with thousands of gymnasts that represent 45 states and 6 countries. We can't to have you part of this amazing tribe too! Go Beam.

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If you couldn't tell from our social media presence, we have A LOT of pride in our Beam Queen Bootcamp merchandise. To us, our leotards, tanks, t-shirts, and leggings are more than just clothes, it's an attitude. That attitude of perseverance, hard work, and of course, confidence!

Here are some of the amazing merchandise we'll be offering this year:

Beam Queen